Crane Electric Cable Reel

Crane Electric Cable Reel

Cable reels, also known as cable reels or cable reels, have replaced the trolley wires with their small installation space, easy maintenance, reliable use, and low cost. They have become mainstream solutions for mobile transmission (power, data, and fluid media). Program.

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crane electric cable reel

1. the classification of reel

Cable reels can be divided into two categories, non-electric and electric, according to the driving mode; they can be divided into axial single-row and axial-multi-row according to the cable arrangement; they can be divided into slip ring built-in type and slippery according to the position of the slip ring. Outer ring mounted two types; according to the winding material is divided into cable drum and hose reel. Non-electric type includes: elastic (TA), weight (ZC), magnetic coupling (JQC); electric type includes: magnetic coupling (JQD), torque motor (KDO), hysteresis (CZ) And frequency conversion control (BP).

2. reel design parameters

The technical difficulty of the cable reel is to ensure that the winding speed is synchronized with the moving speed of the equipment, and at the same time, the tension of the cable during the winding process is moderate. Therefore, the following factors should be taken into consideration when designing cable reels:

1) cable specifications and types:

Cable cross-sectional area from 1.0 ~ 240mm2, the cable diameter directly affects the reel axial size and power requirements. Non-electric reels should not be used when cable cross-section exceeds 35 mm2 (counterweight can be relaxed up to 50

Mm2), flat cable can only use axial single row reel. Cables should be YCW type (power cable) and CEFR type (control signal cable), which are soft and have a certain tensile strength. The cable's outer diameter and single gravity are accurate.

2) winding length:

Affecting the reel's radial size and power requirements, the longer the length, the higher the power requirements. It is difficult for a non-electric cable drum to complete a large-stroke winding. The ground power anchorage also directly affects the selection of cable reels. Common power supply anchors have two types: end power supply and midpoint power supply. Midpoint power supply can not be selected non-electromagnetic coupling type (JQC series).

3) the device speed

Affects the motor power and transmission ratio of electric cable reels. When the equipment is moving faster than 60m/min, the frequency conversion control type (BP series) should be selected.

4) installed height

Affecting the motor power of the electric cable drum, the higher the installation height, the greater the demand for power. Installation must not exceed design requirements.

The above four parameters are the basis for the selection and design of cable reels, and should be considered comprehensively. The structure and layout of the cable reels should also be taken to meet the actual working conditions.



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