380V Power Cable Reel

1.380v power cable reel briefly: 380v power cable reel is a cable winding device that provide power, control power or control signals for large mobile devices,hysteresis coupling used for the synchronous differential mechanism, theuse of magnetic coupling principle ensures that the cable reel...

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380V power crane cable reel

Motor-drivencable reel is designed for coiling or releasing the large specification and long distance power supply cable, which can be in synchronous operation with the mobile electrical apparatus to coil or release the cables. In view of its power patterns which is divided into torque motor driven typeand three phase asynchronous motor driven type. There are so many motor-driven reel models available which can coil or release the power supply cablesunder 500V and high voltage cables for 6kv and 10kv. 
1. For different power cable, such as 3x120+1x35, 3x95+1x35 etc 
2. Its driven by the electric motor 
3. The cable reel is usually fixed on the mobile machine and works horizontally. 
4. Additional turnover anchor will be provided if the power is feed centrally 
5. Additional control cabinet is also equipped.



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