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Self-propelled Crane Selection And Selection Steps
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Self-propelled crane selection and selection steps

(1) The position of the crane's station is determined based on the location of the equipment or components to be lifted, the site's specific conditions, etc. Once the station's position is determined, its magnitude is determined.

(2) The arm length is determined from the characteristic curve of the crane according to the height of the in-place height of the hoisting equipment or component of the bridge crane, the sling height of the equipment size, and the position (amplitude) of the station vehicle.

(3) Based on the above determined amplitude and arm length, the crane's characteristic curve determines the load that the crane can lift.

(4) If the load that the crane can lift is greater than the weight of the equipment or components being hoisted, the crane selection is acceptable, otherwise it is reselected.

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