Wire Rope Electric Hoist 110v

Wire Rope Electric Hoist 110v

wire rope electric hoist 110v is great for lifting engines, tables, lumber, shop equipment and a whole range of other products.

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wire rope electric hoist 110v

1. Brief introduction of wire rope electric hoist 110v

Mini electric hoist is a super mini electric hoist, with 2or 3 phase power, beautiful shape, its body is strong and durable, all internal gear after high temperature quenching, increase the gear wear resistance and toughness; It has different name by many user , for example, mini electric wire rope hoist/crane, mini hoist,mini crane hoist,small electric lifter/hoist, small electric winch,mini portable crane. Using the most advanced technology, fine workmanship, gear fit small electric tight. The crane Hoist structure has the characteristic of small size, light weight, high strength range of. Mini electric hoist is very wide, mainly used in large workshop, warehouse, wharf, wind power, logistics, construction and other industries, lifting or handling of goods can also be used for heavy lifting, convenient work or repair of large machines.

1With emergency stop switch

2Reinforce breaking switch with position limit

3protection class up to IP 54

2. Install of wire rope electric hoist 110v


3. Images of wire rope electric hoist 110v


4. different types of wire rope electric hoist 110v

mini hoist.jpg

5. Different types of plug wire rope electric hoist 110v

美式插头 (1)_副本.png

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